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About El Komy Steel

Suez Iron Industries Company was founded as an Egyptian joint stock company on 25/07/1995. Under the relevant decision of the Committee examined the establishment of problem companies requests in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of Law No. 159 of 1981 by issuing contribute Companies Act companies and restricted the commercial register number 290 435 Cairo on the date of 08.30.1995 and published under the registry No. 740 on the month August 1995.

The company’s authorized number of 16,666,666 shares at par value of LE 30 for a total value of 499,999,980 EGP.

The factory is located in the industrial zone. The total area sums up to 95,000 meters squared. It is considered to be the first factory located in the Suez industrial zone. Production started in the year 1998.

The factory production capacity of 25 thousand tons per month with a total capacity of 300 thousand tons per year and annual sales and purchases exceeding 2 Billion EGP.

The factory uses raw materials pallets (iron rods squared covering 6 meters) imported from factories from the Ukraine and locally manufactured.

The factory operates on 3 shifts, with 24 hours per day on a continuous basis.

Over 1,200 workers currently operate the factory, directly and indirectly.